Scrap Copper Wire Recovery
and Cable Reclamation

The recycling process for insulated copper is dependent upon the length and gauge of the copper wire. Wire stripping and wire chopping are the two common processes to recover copper and other materials. Alternatively the terms cable stripping and cable chopping may be used.

Wire Stripping and Cable Reclamation

Wire Stripping
Recovering clean copper from longer lengths of heavier gauge insulated wire scrap can be done by stripping or peeling the insulation from the wire.

Wire Chopping
The recovery of light gauge wire, odd lengths or tangled wires, wire granulation systems are needed. The scrap wires are chopped into small pieces and the insulation can be mechanically separated from the wire. The end product is a clean copper nodule.

wire recovery
scrap copper wire recovery and cable reclamation
If you wish to Buy or Sell Scrap Copper
Please add a listing to the Metal Exchange using the following links:
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No.2 Insulated Copper Wire Scrap
No.3 Insulated Copper Wire Scrap
No.1 Copper Wire Nodules
No.2 Copper Wire Nodules
No.1 Copper Wire
No.2 Copper Wire
Copper/Aluminum BX Cable Scrap
Copper/Steel BX Cable Scrap
Lead Covered Copper Cable Scrap

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